City of Shelton gets a waterfront park as part of the Shelton Harbor project

The Shelton Harbor project includes protecting Eagle Point, a vital piece of fish and wildlife habitat:

The first step of the multi-phase project was to preserve 1,600 feet of shoreline. With a grant written by the tribe, the Capitol Land Trust purchased the 14-acre site at Eagle Point. The land trust then gifted the entire parcel to the city, which plans to build nature trails to allow residents access to the shoreline.

The Eagle Point property includes a freshwater wetland, tidelands and riparian upland.

Recently, the city took control of the property, which was bought with funds secured by the Squaxin Island Tribe:

“This will be the first and only public waterfront access to Oakland Bay within the City of Shelton,” Ziegler told city commissioners Kathy McDowell and Tracy Moore. McDowell was acting as mayor at the work session because Mayor Gary Cronce was absent.

The Eagle Point acquisition would meet the top three community desires: water access, walking trails and nature trails, which were both cited by residents in the 1998 park plan, Ziegler said.

The natural wooded setting also offers a place for beachcombing, picnicking, viewing marine wildlife, marine traffic and Shelton’s working waterfront. Eagle Point also offers a view of Mount Rainier.

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