Sediment Capping Complete, Piling Removal Continues

The interim action capping of dioxin-contaminated sediments in the northern half of Shelton Harbor is complete.  The project started on October 31 with removing creosoted timber pilings within the capping area.  Ninety-one pilings were removed, including the lights and wiring that were attached to some of the pilings.  The capping project added 2.5 to 3 feet of clean fill over sediments in 4 areas of the northern harbor. The fill consisted of pit run sand/gravel/cobble mixture that came from a gravel mine on Dayton Airport Road.

Over the next couple of weeks, the rest of the pilings in Shelton Harbor will be removed.  Piling removal is a key element of the Shelton Harbor habitat restoration partnership project which is being managed by the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG).

Barges for the piling removal project will be present in the harbor between now and mid-February.  Pilings will be stockpiled on the barges and then sent to a staging area in Tacoma for offloading and disposal.

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